Carpet Cleaning

Clean happens with Lappin’s, the Coulee Region’s best carpet cleaning company. Be it coffee stains, pet odors, or general dirt collection, every carpet needs proper cleaning over time, and Lappins’ technicians are perfectly trained for the job!

  • Technicians with over 20 years of experience
  • A careful analysis of the situation beforehand, because not all stains are the same, and nor should they be treated alike
  • Recognition that portable devices are insufficient for the job
  • And the best equipment, in the form of specialized truck-mounted units

We apply the industry’s best formula for carpet cleaning:

  • Using water heated up to 180 degrees to make sure your carpets are sanitized as well as clean
  • Once your carpets are stain-free, we deploy our hydro-jet extraction equipment to get deep dirt and water out, leaving no soap residue behind, as would happen with a portable device
  • We offer deodorization as a customer-requested side-order
  • As well as scotch-guard treatment after cleaning, to protect your carpets from future stains

Because we know that time is important to you, we’d like to acquaint you with the general expected length of the cleaning procedure:

  • Length of process: Depends on size of carpets: 45 minutes for smaller carpets – 3 hours for commercial
  • Dry time: To touch in 2 – 4 hours
  • Stipulation in regards to weather: If it is humid out, dry time will be lengthened
  • Recommendation: Stay off carpets until the next day
  • Recommendation: Weather permitting, keep air conditioning on to assist in dry-time

Do you have a portable rug that needs cleaning?  Our oriental and domestic rug cleaning Cash-and-Carry Program is designed for your convenience:

  • Obtain a 20% discount by personally delivering and picking up your rugs
  • We use our truck-mounted units to give your rugs the same cleaning treatment we would your carpets
  • We then place them on specialized racks carefully designed to make sure your rugs are completely dry before returning them to you